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    Upcoming iPhones said to charge accessories through their screens

    As of now, the concept of charging accessories by placing them on the back of your phone has become pretty common. However, Apple aims to make another impact with their upcoming iPhones which would basically allow users to charge their accessories through their screens.

    This was a patent that was surfaced at the US Patent & Trademark Office portal which highlighted the concept of a new method of reverse wireless charging. The patent mentioned that this feature will be powered by a double-sided wireless charging assembly that can reverse charge on both the back and front of the device. This would be achieved through a metallic shield that would be covered on all sides of the device internally.

    Even when the accessory is being charged on the front, the screen will still be usable. However, it is still unknown whether the charging area of the screen will have any display output while charging. This feature will allow users to charge AirPods, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil through both the iPhone and the iPad.

    However, the patent has not been finalized and it is rather unclear if this feature would come out in the next generation of iPhones and iPads.

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