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    This Owner Restored 1990 Toyota Starlet in 4.5 Lac

    Today, we have a unique review of a 1990 Toyota Starlet. The owner is a car mechanic from Karachi who bought this car without an engine and restored it almost completely. Here’s the full review; enjoy!

    Price & Restoration

    The owner got this car four to five years ago for Rs. 2 lacs. The car had no engine, worn-out tyres, and needed a lot of maintenance. The owner spent another 2.5 lacs on all those things and got the car back up running. 

    He installed a 1.6L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine and new rims. After paint and a few interior jobs, the car came back to life. After four years of driving the vehicle with a Toyota engine, the owner wants to swap it with a Honda K24 turbo engine.

    Fuel Average

    The owner says his Toyota Starlet gives him a fuel average of 13 kilometers per litre in the city and around 16 km/L on the highway.

    Seating Space

    Since it’s a two-door car, the owner had to compromise on space. There’s enough room at the front but very little at the back. The rear passengers feel pretty much cramped. The trunk space is also next to nothing.

    Parts Availability

    Toyota Starlet spare parts are similar to Indus Corolla. Almost all the Indus Corolla body parts fit right in with the Starlet, so finding spare parts for the car is not that hard. The prices are also reasonable.

    Final Words on Toyota Starlet

    In the words of the owner — “I am really happy with my purchase of this car. It was worth the money and the effort. I have received many resale offers of up to 8 and 8.5 lacs. I don’t yet want to sell it, but whenever I do, I am sure the car will earn me a good profit.”

    That was all about the review; what did you think of the restored car? Tell us in the comments. If you want to buy a similar model, you can find many used Toyota Starlet options. Happy Wheeling!  

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