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    ‘Music is a part of me’

    Usain Bolt to make a come back with his second album: ‘Music is a part of me’

    The eight-time Olympic Gold medallist Usain Bolt is now looking forwards to win hearts with music as he quit sprinting and gave up on his dream of becoming a footballer. 

    During his conversation with The Sun, the renowned athlete revealed that he has started working on his second album. 

    He expressed, “Music is just a part of me. In lockdown I wasn’t doing much so I thought I could take the opportunity to get into music as it is something that I love to do.”

    Talking about his previous album that brought him a promising spot on Billboard reggae charts, Bolt said, “For me the album we did was just to show people that we were serious,” he explained. “When we started out people thought I was just messing around and bored with nothing to do but I wanted to let them know I was serious.”

    “I wanted to do a proper body of work and put it out there. Now we have done that, people are reaching out to work with us so I am going to be doing a lot more this year,” he added.

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