HomeBusinessHilaria Baldwin requests fans to ‘drown out negativity’ in 2022

    Hilaria Baldwin requests fans to ‘drown out negativity’ in 2022

    Hilaria Baldwin requests fans to ‘drown out negativity’ in 2022

    Hilaria Baldwin recently turned to social media and request fans to “tone down” on the negativity for Alec Baldwin’s sake for the New Year.

    She penned the note on Instagram with a photo that included a candid snap of her entire family as well as a caption that read, “Apparently 2022 is going to be flawless. We have dealt with so much awfulness lately, so it must be about time, right?”

    “I planned a whole post & year dedicated to the best year ever. Then I got scared-what if more horrible things happen & I can’t make it all good for everyone? Then I realized that this thinking is the problem.”

    “Life is naturally flawed. Its beautiful & tragic, happy & sad. There is no magical: it’s just gonna be good. Because we know when it inevitably isn’t, so many of give up and throw in the towel. It’s about HOW we ride the ups and downs of life’s waves that will partly determine our quality of life. How we take care of ourselves, how we take care of each other. Which leaves me to this conclusion: dedicate this year to kindness.”

    “Kindness nurtures others and the world we inhabit and leave to our children. Kind also just feels good. This isn’t Darwinism, the kindness well is never empty-IF we continue to fill it with our will, action and determination. We have been talking a lot about bullying, particularly online.”

    “So join me & be a care bear. Taking action is the only way to tip the scale back into a positive place. We have to add more of the kind ingredient to drown out negativity.”

    Before concluding she also added, “Silence will make us weak & give more space to the very few who want to spread negativity. Let’s be vocal for us now, our future, & the environment we leave our children. We got this #kindwarriors2022”.

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