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    How to Increase Bike Fuel Average?

    With expensive petrol, the fuel average is a serious concern for every bike and car owner in Pakistan. So, we are here with few tips which can help you in increasing your bike fuel average. 

    Good Quality Petrol 

    After the arrival of Euro5 petrol in Pakistan, the people have been asking whether it is effective or not. We think you can use the regular petrol, only Euro5 or even can mix both, however, Euro5 will surely enhance the performance of your bike. So, if you can afford and loves a smooth ride with fuel efficiency, Euro5 is may be your answer.

    Change of Fuel Filter

    If your bike comes with Fuel Filter Assembly, you must change that filter on regular basis. Every filter has a life and after a certain time, you should get a new one. Furthermore, we will recommend to get a genuine filter because particles in this one will remain inside the filter and will not re-circulate.

    And most importantly, if you change your filter on regular and timely basis, it will not cause any issue in cold start, especially in winters which are upon us. And a good fuel filter will reduce the engine’s missing issue in the bike and you will enjoy a very smooth ride both within city and on long routes.

    Fuel Additives 

    Sometimes we use additives in the fuel to enhance the performance but we should remember that bike has a single-piston cylinder engine and additives are not that useful in these types of engines.

    How to Drive? 

    If you are riding within the city, you have to do forecasting whether the brake is immediately needed or not. Furthermore, if you keep on riding the bike on lower gear but higher RPMs, it will cost more. On the other hand, if you keep driving on cruise speed for example throttle at 40km/h with 4000 RPMs will help you increase the fuel average of your bike. In short, driving style matters.

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