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    Conservative commentator in hot water after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle dig

    A conservative commentator found himself in hot water after he took to Twitter to take a sarcastic dig at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a new year post.

    In his post on Twitter, Darren Grimes wrote: “One of my most passionate hopes and prayers for 2022 is that the world’s media finally meets the demands for privacy issued by the shy and retiring royals Harry and Meghan, meaning we never have to hear from them ever again.”

    Darren was referring to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s move to step down as senior members of the royal family in a bid to live a more private and independent life.

    However, his post saw severe backlash from Twitter users.

    “If you could refrain from tweeting about them for at least five minutes, that would also be a start!” one user wrote. 

    “Set an example then,” a second wrote. 

    “Try leading by example! A right to privacy literally means the right to choose what you wish to be released they can talk about whatever they wish, as it’s their right to decide what’s in the public domain. That’s what privacy is…… doesn’t mean they have to be hidden,” another commented. 

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