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    Our Society And Domestic Violence

    Violence and abuse which happens in domestic settings like cohabitation and marriage is allied domestic violence. The term ‘domestic violence’ is used when there is a close relationship between the victim and offender. It is the establishment of control and fear in the relationship through violence and other forms of abuse.

    It is important to remember that violence does not only refers to physical abuse but any kind of act to gain control or power over the victim is violence which cam either  be sexual and emotional abuse. Women experience domestic violence at a far greater rate than men do. But men, children and elderly people are also subjected to domestic violence. It occurs at all levels and in every society. In these kinds of  situation everyone needs to understand that the environment of the home holds an important position.

    Domestic violence may produce a cycle of intergenerational abuse in children and other family members. When children see domestic violence in their own house, it affects every single child differently, some of them are affected psychologically and others may assume that it is normal and acceptable. Countries that experience more domestic violence tend to have more gender inequality.

    Domestic violence is the most unreported crime because victims are threatened and scared to stay silent, and there is fear of cultural acceptance, rigid family customs, lack of financial resources, to protect a child, which are some of the main causes why the victims stay silent which encourages the abuser. Law enforcement authorities don’t view domestic violence as a crime therefore most of the cases brought to them go unreported. Abusers use physical and sexual power, emotional insults, and economic deprivation to get their way over victims. When a woman stays silent on domestic violence she also teaches her daughter to stay silent that gives rise to fear in the personality of a child. Traditionally domestic violence was only associated with physical abuse but it also involves emotional and sexual abuse.  It’s unlike any other crime as it is inflicted by the people who are supposed to actually protect the victims instead of making them targets.

    Domestic violence takes place quietly, but is dramatically affecting the whole nation. It is a global issue reaching across  national and international boundaries as well as socio- economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions

    A big reason that domestic violence is so normalised in our society is the illiteracy of people and rigid cultural rituals that allow men to abuse their partners. Lack of education in rural areas makes them a part of society where domestic abuse is practised the most. Rigid mindset of men and especially the illiteracy of women keeps them unaware about how to handle and get out of the situation of domestic, emotional or sexual abuse. Many women also stay unaware about the rights they have according to the laws. The prevalence of honour killing in our country can be fairly described as an epidemic. According to research, 90 percent of women in Pakistan have experienced some kind of domestic violence. An estimated 5000 women are killed every year from domestic violence with thousands of others maimed or disabled.

    Change doesn’t come just in a day or just by one person standing for it, all of us must work until we start to see the results that are required to end this heinous crime from the country. The more we speak up today, the more silence will be broken and a healthy nation could grow in peace

    Domestic violence is not simply an argument but a parasitic evil that is eating the very fibre of our society. By destroying the prosperity of families it not only affects the marital relationship but also affects the upcoming generations. The most important thing to do about domestic violence is to raise awareness among people, especially in women, to speak up rather than suffering from domestic violence. Awareness is the most effective solution to these kinds of issues

    Starting an awareness campaign especially in the backward areas of the country so that more people would avail the help. Counselling of the victims, community events related to social issues would have a positive impact on controlling and ending this crime from society. Making strict laws against domestic violence and implementation of it is the responsibility of the government. There is a lot of difference between legislation and implementation and with due sorrow those institutions that are held accountable for implementing the law and providing justice in our country don’t seem to take interest in doing so. Unfortunately there is no law to provide justice to the survivors and victims of domestic abuse due to pushback from religious authorities. The provision of justice through these laws is the most important thing.

    Many people involved in honour killing relate it with religion, but Islam is not a religion of violence but love and peace. The way Islam teaches about the rights of women and their protection was the first time in the history of mankind. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) were the first person who told people about the rights of women in a society which non-Muslims follow in todays world and claims themselves to be the founder of women’s equal rights in the society.

    Change doesn’t come just in a day or just by one person standing for it, all of us must work until we start to see the results that are required to end this heinous crime from the country. The more we speak up today, the more silence will be broken and a healthy nation could grow in peace.

    That is what nations should do and many nations have worked hard yet collectively and are known as a successful and strong nation. Instead of teaching daughters to stay silent on any kind of abuse, everyone should teach their sons what the wrong use of power is.

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