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    GOOD NEWS- Biometric Car Transfer Deadline Extended

    And now you have some more days for biometric car transfer in Punjab as Excise and Taxation Department has extended the deadline. According to our sources, the department has extended the deadline to January 10, 2021. Earlier, the deadline was December 31st, 2021.

    So, hurry up, visit the Excise office, understand the whole process and get your car transferred in your name.

    Process of Biometric Car Transfer? 

    After the launch of this new system that biometric will be essential for car transfer, new car registration, and new registration and transfer. It means, in case of transfer both buyer and seller have to give their thumb impressions, else car will not be transferred.

    So, if your car is on Open Letter or you have bought it from a relative or its previous owner is out of the country, it is your last chance to get the vehicle in your name. For any information, query or to know the status of your car’s ownership, download E-Pay App or visit Excise office to understand the whole process. You can also call Excise Helpline 0800-08786.

    Why is it Important?

    The process of biometric verification is essential to eliminate the malpractices used in the market.  It also makes the whole process more transparent to both the old and the new owner of the vehicle. The government has been working on it for quite some time now.

    The government aims to eliminate any fraudulent activity from the market related to the transfer of vehicles. A lot of people have also been driving their vehicles on Open Transfer Letter, which means that they didn’t transfer the vehicle to their own name. In this case, the previous owner could get in trouble if the car gets caught involved in any criminal activity. Therefore, it’s also important to ensure the vehicle is properly transferred to the new owner’s name.

    For detailed information about this whole process watch PakWheels video:

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