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    Poet Akbar Allahabadi becomes Akbar Prayagraj on India website

    A government body in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday claimed its website had been hacked after social media users flagged that it referred to famous Urdu poet Akbar Allahabadi as Akbar Prayagraj.

    The name was restored on Wednesday morning.

    Syed Akbar Hussain, a 19-century poet used the pen name Akbar Allahabadi, as he was born in a town close to the Uttar Pradesh city.

    The state government had changed the name of the city of Allahabad to Prayagraj in October 2018.

    On Tuesday, several social media users shared screenshots of a page on the Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission’s website that showed the pen names of him and two other poets — Tegh Allahabadi and Rashid Allahabadi — as “Pragyagraj”.

    The names appeared under the “About Prayagraj” section on the website of Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission, an autonomous body under the state government.

    A leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Rita Bahuguna Joshi, said the flub may have been a human error, “because one cannot change a person’s pen name like that”, The Print reported.

    On Wednesday, the commission’s chairperson Ishwar Charan Vishvakarma told local media that a complaint has been filed on the matter with the cyber cell of city police.

    “It was evidently a handiwork of some miscreants expressing their apparent resentment over the change of name of Allahabad,” Vishvakarma said.

    Several people on social media criticised the name change.

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