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    Alex Rodriguez takes a dig at Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez’s ex Alex Rodriguez showered love on another former lover, his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, expressing his admiration and respect for her.

    The American former professional baseball shortstop seemingly expressed his anger in a sweet way as he took a thinly-veiled dig at his latest ex Jennifer Lopez by admiring her another ex Cynthia.

    Gushing over his ex-wife, Rodriguez wrote: “I am celebrating someone very special in my life. Someone who continues to make a difference in my daughters’ lives every day and has my eternal respect and admiration.”

    Some fans and critics of the celebrities see the heartfelt message of Alex for her ex-wife as a dig at his former girlfriend Lopez, who somehow could not satisfy Alex during their relationship.

    A-Rod allegedly hinted at Lopez’s failure as lover and mother and teased the real reason he split from Jennifer Lopez, according to fans.

    Taking to Instagram, Alex shared a series of touching photographs and spoke very fondly of the mother of his two daughters Natasha and Ella while wishing Cynthia a happy 49th birthday.

    He wrote: “A very happy birthday to you, Cynthia!!.”  You’ve always been a wonderful mother and role model to our two incredible daughters. You always put their needs first and have helped shape them into the strong young women they have become. I’ve always said that when it comes to co-parenting, I’m extremely lucky because most people only have a 50-50 split of time with their kids. With us, it feels more like 100-100. 

    “Living in close proximity and working together despite busy schedules has allowed both of us to remain integral and active in the development of two young women whose future is limitless. And I have you to thank in large part for that,” he added.

    Now, some of the social media users speculate that ‘Hustlers’ star, who is currently enjoying dates with Ben Affleck, won’t let it go unnoticed and would share something relevant to the topic.

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