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    Accenture’s Adam Burden on Tech in 2022, from Cloud to Digital Transformation

    I spoke with Adam Burden, Chief Software Engineer at Accenture, about his top forecasts for 2022, including how low code/no code will drive the democratization of technology.

    Among the forecasts we discussed:

    • At the edge of the cloud: Cloud computing will continue its dominance, which means that managing and optimizing hybrid cloud environments will be front and center, as well as charting the right strategy around using cloud to accelerate 5G and Edge deployments.
    • Across the business: The democratization of technology is encouraging the decentralization of the IT workforce. As non-technical employees gain the tools build their own solutions, some of the burden is removed from IT. This means that IT can work more hand-in-hand with business departments to build solutions that are aligned with specific needs and goals.
    • In the classroom: With a constant shortage of tech talent, more emphasis is needed on worker upskilling and collaboration. For instance, Accenture invested $900M for employees to complete 31 million hours of training in tech and business topics. Organizations will need to first define the roles of the future, and then prepare their IT workforce.
    • On a platform: Companies are growing and converging by building platforms that other companies can use to provide complementary services. These “network-effect” platforms often create new business models and strengthen strategic partnerships, all with considerably less investment.

    Watch the video:

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