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    50,000 Tourist Cars Causing Traffic Jams In Murree

    The first winter snowfall in Murree is calling the people. Everyone is visiting with their families and swamping the Murree roads. As per a report, 50,000 cars have entered Murree, where there’s a parking capacity of only 4,000 vehicles.

    The Rawalpindi administration has issued a travel advisory for the tourists coming to Murree. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi has deployed a number of traffic wardens under the supervision of inspectors at all critical points. 

    The travel advisory will help tourists avoid traffic jams and enjoy the weather. The police have requested the drivers to keep in their lanes, avoid violating the traffic rules to get ahead, stay patient, and save each other time. 

    DC Muhammad Ali Randhawa said a large number of illegally parked vehicles have further reduced the space for traffic to move forward. The authorities will take strict measures to get traffic violators out of the way and ensure the traffic flow.  

    Advisory for Murree Tourists

    If you are planning to go to Murree to enjoy the winter vacation or are already there, please take care of these things.

    • Avoid taking vehicles with weak engines. 
    • Keep the air pressure low in your vehicles’ tyres.
    • Do not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road to capture selfies and pictures.
    • Keep in your lane if you are stuck in a traffic jam. 
    • Get information about the weather situation before coming to Murree from the following numbers:

                Control Room 051-9269019

                Assistant Commissioner Murree 0321-3219221

               DSP Traffic 0321-5615668

    • In case of emergency, contact Traffic Police Helpline at 051-9269200

    As per a recent Murree traffic update, Barian to Nathiagali road is closed. If you are travelling to Murree, beware of the heavy snowfall and traffic jams. A better idea is to enjoy the weather at home with your family and stay out of trouble.

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