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    Prince William, Kate Middleton want to ‘satisfy public’ with kids’ appearances

    Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children are said to make more public appearances even though only Prince George is in line to the throne.

    According to a royal expert, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to “satisfy” the public’s desire to see their children during key appearances and therefore will ensure that their kids are with them.

    “Whether the other children will similarly appear more in public remains to be seen,” expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Express. 

    “I think inevitably they will as they get a bit older but there isn’t as much pressure or reason for them to do so because their role in the line of succession isn’t as important as his.

    “Therefore, there’s perhaps less of a justification or requirement for it.

    “There’s a massive public interest in all of the royals and the royal children.

    “I think William and Kate know that while they want to protect the privacy of their children, they will also want to satisfy the public’s desire to see the children at key moments.”

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