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    Most Viewed & Liked Videos of PakWheels in 2021

    As the year is ending, we are here with the top 5 most viewed and liked videos of PakWheels’ YouTube channel. We will share the numbers with you and would like to thank all of you for the love you showed. We reached 1Million subscribers in November 2020, and currently we stands at 1.42Million. So, it means, we will be celebrating the 2Million mark next year with your support.

    And here are the most viewed videos on PakWheels YouTube channel.

    Top 5 Most Viewed Videos 2021

    And here is the list:

    1. MG 5 aka MG GT First Look Review 

    At first position, it is the video on first look review of MG 5. The car caused serious excitement when it was unveiled by the company in a private event. As per numbers the video got over 1.4Million views this year.

    2. Hyundai Sonata 2021 – First Drive Review 

    Then comes the first drive review of Hyundai Sonata. The car was unveiled during a private event this year and when its pictures were leaked, it got very positive response. The number shows that this video got almost 1.4Million views.

    3. Syed Ghazanfar Agha Garage Tour

    This garage tour was a hit among our views as people loves the car collection of Mr. Agha. The collection of this man ranges from Merces to Pontiac cars. You guys have seen this video for almost 1.3Million times.

    4. Suzuki Mehran Limousine Comedy Review 

    And Suzuki Mehran still rules over hearts be it in any shape. This comedy review on Mehru-turned-into-Limousine shows the love you guys have for this car. The video got over 1.2Million views in 2021.

    5. Honda Vezel First Look Review 

    And last but not the least, the Honda Vezel‘s first look review got very good response for our viewers. The video of this crossover SUV got almost 9 Lacs views during this year, which is a great number.

    Top 5 Most Liked Videos in 2021

    After views, we are going to share the top 5 most liked videos on our channel.

    1. MG 5 First Look Review

    Like views, MG 5 is also most liked video of PakWheels YouTube channel in 2021. This shows the people’s love for this car and how exciting they are for its launch. Over 38,000 people liked the video since it was uploaded on our channel.

    2. Hyundai Sonata 2021 First Drive Review 

    Hyundai Sonata first drive review holds the same second position as views. The D-Segment sedan has proved to be a hit for Hyundai and it is even being sold more than Elantra. The number shows that this video got over 31,000 Likes.

    3. Suzuki Mehran Limousine 

    And our love for Mehran continues and it shows in your likes. The number shows that this comedy video got over 30,000 Likes on our channel.

    4. Owner’s Review of Toyota Fortuner 2.7G 

    This video on Toyota Fortuner was done in collaboration of Video Wali Sarkar and surely, you guys liked it. As per our numbers, the video received over 26,000 Likes after its uploading.

    5. Canadian Vs Pakistani cars with Shahveer Jafry 

    The last video in this list is with Shahveer Jafry. In this video we discussed cars in Pakistan vs cars in Canada with Jafry and it was quite an informative video. This video got 26,000 Likes on our YouTube channel.


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