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    Pakistan assures Sri Lanka of justice in Sialkot tragedy

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan gestures during an interview with Reuters in Islamabad, Pakistan, June 4, 2021 (left) and Sri Lankan President Gotabaya. — Reuters/AFP/File

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa that Pakistan would do justice in the tragic Sialkot mob lynching incident.

    A Sri Lankan national, Diyawadanage Don Nandasri Priyantha, who had been working as a manager at a private factory in Sialkot, was tortured to death and his body set on fire by a mob over allegations of “blasphemy” on Friday.

    The prime minister, in a tweet on Saturday, said he conveyed the nation’s anger and shame to the people of Sri Lanka at the killing of Priyantha.

    “I informed him 100+ people [have been] arrested and assured him they would be prosecuted with the full severity of the law,” the prime minister added.

    More to follow.

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