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    Multiple Motorway Shut Downs Due to Dense Fog

    Winters are here, folks. And you know what that means: Smog on the city roads and fog on highways and motorways. As soon as it starts getting dark, thick fog clouds most roads across the country and disturbs the traffic flow. 

    The National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has to close motorway points to avoid the risk of accidents due to poor road visibility. NHMP blocks multiple motorway routes for a few hours for the safety of all travellers.

    Last Night’s Traffic Alerts

    Last night, NHMP posted traffic alerts for the following motorway points closed for one reason: dense fog.

    • M-1, Peshawar Toll Plaza (KM 498) to Rashakai Interchange (KM 459)
    • M-1, Peshawar Toll Plaza (KM 498) to Swabi Interchange (KM 420)
    • M-1, Peshawar Toll Plaza (KM 498) to Rashakai (KM 459)
    • M-3, Samundari Interchange (KM 1016) to Darkhana Toll Plaza (KM 918)
    • M-4, Sher Shah Interchange (KM 00) to Abdul Hakeem (KM 89)
    • M-4, Abdul Hakim (KM 89) to Shorkot (KM 119)
    • M-5, Sher Shah Interchange (KM 772) to Rukan Pur (KM 628)
    • Swat Motorway, Col Sher Khan Interchange (KM 00) to Katlang Interchange (KM 50)

    All motorways are open for safe travels during the daylight hours.

    Precautions for Travellers

    Everyone, try not to travel on motorways in the evening and morning times. Take the GT road for long-distance travel. 

    If you have to take the motorway, do check the traffic alerts by the National Highway & Motorway Police on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 

    Use the following links for real-time fog updates on motorways and highways.



    Call the helpline number 130 if you need any assistance before or during your journey on the motorway.

    Keep your vehicles at a greater distance from other vehicles than you normally do.

    Share this information with other, Stay safe! 

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