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    Prince William’s gesture during Pakistan visit that will smooth ‘path to being King’

    Prince William’s gesture during trip to Pakistan that ‘smoothed path to being King’

    Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2019 visit to Pakistan was massive success and involved many interactions with the media that could help him after becoming king, says royal expert.

    In a recent BBC documentary, The Princes and the Press, Sky News correspondent Rhiannon Mills revealed how William was grateful and humble during their flight.

    She said: “We were on the plane to Pakistan and asked to go to the front of the plane, and basically told by Prince William, ‘thanks for coming’.

    “[It was] really unexpected, he said ‘you should all take this as a group hug’,” added Mills.

    Royal expert and Sunday Times royal editor Roya Nikkhah added that humility as this will smooth his way in the future.

    She told the programme: “Has William making peace with the media smoothed the path towards his time in the monarchy when it comes to it? Yes it probably has.”

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