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    Here’s what Sania Mirza had to say about Karachi’s aloo wali biryani

    Veteran cricketer Shoaib Malik (left) and Tennis star Sania Mirza can be seen during an event in Karachi. — Twitter/@faizanlakhani

    Indian tennis star Sania Mirza remained in the headlines during her trip to Pakistan along with her husband and veteran cricketer, Shoaib Malik.

    The power couple attended several events in Karachi and interacted with fans. During one such event, Sania was asked to share her opinion regarding Karachi’s biryani.

    Surprising her fans, she said “if you come to Karachi and don’t eat aloo wali biryani then you miss out.”

    While the fans were ecstatic hearing this, the host further asked her whether she had had biryani during the trip and whether she liked it.

    “I am from Hyderabad which is famous for its biryani, so if I am saying [this] biryani is very tasty then it is indeed very tasty,” Sania said.

    Earlier, a video surfaced of the couple attending an event in Lahore and interacting with fans at a local mall. The tennis star chanted the famous slogan: “Jinne Lahore nahi wekhiya (those who haven’t seen Lahore).”

    In response, the fans completed the slogan saying: “Wo jamia hi nahi (you have not lived).”

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