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    MG Responds to Rumors of MG Capital’s Shutdown

    Morrison Garages (MG) has refuted rumors of MG Capital being closed down, and explained that it has been closed temporarily because of “COVID-19 guidelines”.

    The allegations were based on reports that have been circulating on social media since yesterday. A related video showed a group of people storming the MG Capital showroom, reportedly in frustration over the late deliveries of their vehicles. It showed people manhandling the showroom staff and complaining about the delayed deliveries.

    Later on, screenshots of claims that MG Capital had been shut down were also shared on social media.


    Sources said that the MG Capital dealership had a target of 400 deliveries but the staff had booked 1200 vehicles due to high demands, which is why deliveries have been delayed.

    MG Pakistan issued a notification on Thursday that negated the news of MG Capital being shut down. It read: “MG Capital is temporarily closed for disinfection as per COVID guidelines,” and “Deliveries of MG HS will continue under strict COVID SOPs from our service center with prior appointment”.



    An official from MG stated that the actual reason for the temporary shut down of MG Capital is that one of its employees has tested positive for COVID-19. He added that other manufacturers are also undergoing the issue of delays and emphasized that MG has one of the highest numbers of bookings, which has caused delays in its deliveries.

    He clarified that most of the vehicles in question are under clearance at the Karachi port and on their way to the dealerships across the country, after which they will be delivered to the customers.

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